Nidagravel gravel grid
The function of the Nidagravel gravel grid: the stabilization of gravel/rubble and broken stone layers; ensures free draining.

It is a step-proof, non-skid gravel surface which is suitable for pedestrian transport, also bears car burden.

Place of use: outdoor surfaces e.g. drive-ways, car parks, terraces, garden paths, promenades. It is recommended on sites where the aesthetics, the durability of the Nidagravel gravel, the pedestrian transport, the heavy duty use and the cost-effectiveness play an important role.
without Nidagravel gravel grid with Nidagravel gravel grid
  • Unlike other gravel coverages without grid sheet, it provides a perfect stability and good surface for walking, biking, wheelchairs and also baby carriages
  • Easy and fast to install, can be cut to different shapes, according to individual needs
  • Creates a good draining layer, the water does not remain on the surface, no puddles develop
  • Prevents the development and the spread of weed by its free draining ability and through the geotextile that is installed below the grid, thus no sufficient living environment develops for plants to survive
  • Low maintenance; in case of underground works, it is easy to remove and to re-install afterwards
  • UV- and frost-proof, recyclable, tolerates winter salting
Product Description
Panel size:
(Length x Width)
240mm x 1200mm
Height: 40 mm
Compressive strength (when full): 100-250 t / m 2 (depending on the filling material)
Colour: milky-white translucent
Empty weight: 2 kg / m 2;
Weight when filled: 80 kg/m2 (60 l/m2)
Its material is extruded polypropylene, honey-comb structured in which the honeycombs have diameter of 37mm. The structure has a porous geotextile hot-glued on the underside. Filling it with broken stone or gravel, we get a strong and stable surface which is a perfect surface to walk on and to drive on occasionally. On the market, there are a great number of filling materials to choose from; however, choosing the right size is very important: the particle size has to be 16mm or under. The filling is to be executed in the following way: the gravel layer has to go at least 1cm above the top of the grid; so that the plastic is well-covered and not apparent.
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